2011 Toyota Compact FR Sports


2011 toyota compact fr sports - new rendering and infos

7Tune revealed new details regarding the future sports car developed in cooperation by Toyota and Subaru. And we will start with a bad new regarding the sports car set to be released in 2011, where will be no WRX or STi versions. A good news though: there might be a convertible version.

The sports car will be based on a 100mm shorter Subaru Legacy platform and will be powered by a 2.0L four cylinder boxer engine from the Impreza with a power output of 190 hp. A 6-speed gearbox will be offered initially with an automatic transmission being offered later. Weight is expected to be  around 1200kg.           



Well, we won’t have a Toyota/Suba Super Car anytime soon – but all is not lost. Both companies have claimed the project is “on hold” – not canceled.




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